Aetna | Tenessee

Aetna contact information and forms

Employer Services - Enrollment & Billing 888-422-2128
email -
P.O. Box 44129
Jacksonville, Fl 44129
Billing Lockbox for premium payments
PO Box 7247-6026
Philadelphia, Pa 19170-6026

Employee Customer Service  888-702-3862

Small Business forms

Small Business Administrator Manual  <50 employees 


Mid Market Administrator Manual 50-500 employees 

Find a Doctor or Hospital  -  In Tennessee select the Managed Choice POS network 

Find a Dentist - In Tennessee select PPO / PDN

Drug | Rx Search tool - Choose the three tier open formulary 

Aetna Preventative Rx List for HDHP 2013 - Listing of prescriptions with co-pays for HSA qualified plans 

Aetna Forms and Applications

Employee enrollment and change form 

Vision out of network claim form










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