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Thursday, 31 August 2017
Humana partners with Oscar on group insurance in Tennessee

There is good news for small groups looking for insurance options in 2018. Humana recently announced their partnership with health insurance start up Oscar. Oscar is not new to health insurance, they have been selling policies in Texas, California and New York for many years, now it's time to branch. The easiest way to do that is partner with a larger company in the market you are interested in.

Welcome Humana. Humana has long been a friend to small businesses with their employee benefit programs but recently they have had a hard time getting good provider contracts in middle Tn. The fresh approach Oscar brings is changing that as hospitals are once again welcoming Humana in with new and better contracts. That means better pricing and good provider networks for you as a member and your employees. 

Oscar brings technology, wellness and easy, affordable access to care. By embracing technology and customer service they are giving members the tools they need to find answers and access to care at their fingertips. 

We will start quoting their plans in early October. We would love to talk with you about your employee benefits and show you how the Humana/Oscar partnership can help bring down your healthcare costs. 

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Posted on 08/31/2017 3:25 PM by David Moore
Tuesday, 1 August 2017
Farm Bureau drops out of TN health insurance market

Middle Tennesseans just lost the last good ACA compliant health insurance option for 2018. Farm Bureau offered health insurance with a PPO network that included all the major hospitals across the state, that option will not be available in 2018. Those needing individual health insurance in 2018 are going to find their options very slim and expensive. Here is a good article written by Alex Tolbert that shares light on the subject and discusses the few options remaining. 

Tennessean article

Unfortunately the carriers have exclude brokers from helping individuals find quality insurance options. We hope there are changes for the positive coming in the near future and will keep you posted as we learn more. 

Posted on 08/01/2017 11:08 AM by David Moore