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Thursday, 11 July 2019
BlueCross of TN to offer individual health insurance in Nashville

Good news for those getting their individual policies through BCBST will be offering individual plans in Nashville and Memphis in 2020. Additionally, Cigna and Oscar Health will be reducing rates for their individual policies. Although the proposals are not final, it appears Tennesseans will have more options at hopefully lower costs next year. 

There are five insurance companies currently offering individual health insurance in TN. Here are the proposed increases/decreases for 2020. 

BCBST will expand into Nashville and Memphis and is asking for an average increase of 1.4%. 

Bright Health offers coverage in Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis and is asking for an average 2.9% increase. 

Celtic is expanding into Nashville and Knoxville and proposes to reduce rates by an average of 1.6%. 

Cigna is expanding into Chattanooga, Jackson is proposing a 5.7% decrease in premiums. 

Oscar Health will continue to offer coverage in Nashville and Memphis and proposes an 8.3% decrease in premiums. 

This information is from Kevin Walters, a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. 

Unfortunately the insurance carriers no longer allow agents and brokers to help individual customers with these policies. You will have to do all the research and customer service on your own. 

Posted on 07/11/2019 12:50 PM by David Moore