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Wednesday, 29 March 2017
I had an MRI today - Do you want to learn about healthcare costs?

So, I messed my shoulder up skiing and after two months decided it's not getting better. Went to the orthopedist and he agree, I most have torn something. We need an MRI Post Arthrogram. Ok, that sounds expensive wonder what it will cost and where I should get that done since I have a HDHP and Health Savings Account and will be paying that toward my deductible. The nurse talked to the Imaging Center and got an estimate of $1,200, she agreed it's a lot of money. 

Since I tell our clients all the time to shop around to make sure you are paying a "fair" price I decided I needed to shop around. We use BCBST for our medical coverage here so I started on their website with the new Cost Estimate tool. This knows the plan I have, where I am on my deductible and the discounts. I was pretty excited to use it until I did. I searched for an MRI upper joint with contrast and they did not have enough cost information in the database to help me, bummer. 

Next I let my fingers do the walking with the help of Google. I searched for the MRI providers in my area, very few came up. I called those who did and though most were trying to help me, most could not give me even an estimate. I did have two who took my insurance information and called me back but could not ensure me it was the same test my doctor had ordered (Arthrogram is pretty specialized). 

Heath Care BlueBook - This brought me to a new kind of pricing tool, not perfect but the best I have seen so far. Again, I put in my location and could choose the exact treatment I was looking for. Now I can see a low, medium an high cost and what the "fair" price is for my area. Turns out, $1,150 is a fair price and that is what I paid. Take a look for yourself at 

Posted on 03/29/2017 10:13 AM by David More