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Monday, 5 February 2018
Is a Religious Health Plan a good option for you?

Health sharing ministries are not actual health insurance. But for many individuals and families in Tennessee, the plans are more affordable than an ACA compliant plan and they are growing fast. No, this is not your typical BlueCross BlueShield health plan but for many who cannot afford that, it could be a very good option. 

As individual health insurance premiums rise along with the deductibles more people are looking for affordable options. One that is seeing more traction are the numerous religious health plans available nationwide. These plans are exempt from the Individual Mandate Penalty because Senate Democrats did not want the fight with Christian conservatives. What started as a small number of people covered has grown to more than a million. 

These plans are not right for everyone. For starters, they do not cover pre-existing conditions and most have exclusions for treatments and prescriptions that do not fall into the companies religious beliefs. For those who are healthy and agree with many of the rules there are many different plans that can provide comprehensive coverage at affordable costs. For those with access to group insurance and employer sponsored benefits these can be an affordable way to cover dependents. 

Some of the most popular plans are: Medi-Share, Christian Healthcare Ministries, Samaritan Ministries International, Altrua HealthShare, Aliera Healthcare and several others. While we do not sell individual policies we thought it prudent to make this information available for those looking for affordable options. 

Here is a great article with additional information. 

Posted on 02/05/2018 12:40 PM by David Moore