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Wednesday, 11 September 2019
2019 Rand study - Private ins. vs. Medicare reimbursements

This is even worse that I had believed true. Rand Corporation conducted a nationwide study of hospital claims from 2015 - 2017 to understand the disparity in pricing of private health insurance verses Medicare reimbursement rates. The results are astounding. In middle Tennessee the average reimbursement by our hospital systems are: Williamson Medical Center 160%, Vanderbilt Hospital 208%, St. Thomas Health Systems 192% and HCA Tri-Star 303%. 

What that means is, if Medicare charged $1,000 for a procedure Vanderbilt has been paid $2,008 for that same procedure from our commercial insurance carriers. That is the type of insurance most of us have individually or through our employers. We wonder why health insurance costs so much, it's because we subsidize the government policies to keep our healthcare providers afloat. 

Think about that, HCA Hospitals are charging on average 300% more than the amount the government is paying for the same services. What can be done? That's the $100 billion dollar question that needs to be answered to get healthcare costs and medical premiums under control. I don't have the answers, just want to give you some information to think about. 

Want to read the study, click here

The payment amounts above are referenced in the national map, zoom into Tennessee and  you can view the hospitals individually for their specific payment amounts. It's very interesting and very disappointing. 

Posted on 09/11/2019 10:08 AM by David Moore