Executive Benefits

Key Employee Benefits

Executive Benefits

Your decisions on Key Employee Benefits are a balancing act “ qualified vs. nonqualified; deductible or taxable by the business now or later; deductible or taxable by the owner now or later, and business creditor exposure or not. This is an area of business where discrimination is allowed, where things do not have to be equal for all, and you may select those executives who will have better benefits than the rest of your workforce. Let us walk you through various scenarios finding the right fit for you and your company.

Key management employees and executives face unique personal, financial, and business planning concerns. Often, their needs exceed the level of available group benefit plans and require a custom benefit strategy. Since the recruitment, retention, motivation, and protection of this elite group is critical to the long-term success of the company, you don't want to leave this planning to the inexperienced.

Benefit Brokers works with executives and business owners to meet these needs with expert attention paid to the unique tax issues and opportunities that face this group.

Key person insurance, buy/sell planning, individual disability carve-out plans, and other high-quality programs are an important aspect of significantly improving the perceived value of total compensation for the executive and protecting your business in the event of the retirement, death, or disability of selected key executives.

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