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Apply for health insurance & advance premium subsidies in TN

There are several steps to determine what your costs are and what is the best health plan for you and/or your family. You should check to see if you qualify for a premium or benefit subsidies, just to be sure. If you don't qualify for a subsidy and you are ready to apply for a health insurance policy, click here. 

Step 1 - Do you qualify for an advance premium tax credit or benefit subsidy?

Health insurance subsidy nashville broker helpThere are substantial premium and cost reduction subsidies available if you qualify financially. It is very important to know this before you begin shopping for insurance because the process is different if you qualify. By using this calculator you can quickly and easily find out if you are eligible and, if so, for how much. The subsidy and tax credits are based on your age, income, the number of dependents you have and where you live. Click here to use the subsidy calculator

If your income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), you may also qualify for cost sharing subsidy that will reduce yourdeductible and out-of-pocket costs. Make sure the information you enter is accurate and make note of the annual "subsidy" amount, divide that amount by 12 and you can apply that to any policy's monthly cost. When you go through the site, they will give you the "official" amount which you can have sent directly to the insurance company to reduce your premium. For example, if you qualify for a subsidy of $2,400 per year, deduct $200 per month from the premiums listed in the premium examples. 

If you  qualify for a subsidy, you will be directed to register and apply for it through the health insurance marketplace. In Step 2, you will choose "Apply for cost savings and shop for plans that qualify" and complete that process. Your subsidy will be sent directly to Blue Cross or the insurance carrier you choose, the premium you pay will be reduced by that amount.  If your subsidy is a small amount ($25-$50 per month), you might want to claim it on your taxes and skip this step. Before applying for a subsidy you should download the requirements to save time. Our marketplace ID is djcmmoore and National producer number 2438645.

Step 2 - Apply now for health insurance and/or a tax subsidy - click the picture

Before you appy, it's best to determine which policy is right for your situation. This can be difficult because there are many different choices, options, networks and prices. We tried to simplify this process by laying out and comparing several types of policies and their costs.  The following link is what we have determined to be the best individual health insurance options in TN.   We recommend printing this list and comparing benefits and prices to save time when comparing plans online. The prices are five-year age bands, but your price will be based on your actual age. Find the plan(s) you like and make note of the plan ID (ex. S09, G03) on the top of our spreadsheet. That is the plan you will want to select when you apply for coverage. When you enroll, choose "Show all plans" and use the filter on the left to eliminate many options and networks. 

Another important consideration is the provider network. You will have the choice of P, S or E on the Marketplace. The P network includes all hospitals across the state and is the most expensive option. The S network does not include any HCA/Tri-Star hospitals in Middle Tennessee and has fewer hospitals in other major cities; nearly all doctors are included. The E network is for the Exchange and offers very limited availability to local hospitals and doctors. We do not recommend using the E network at this time. For a hospital listing click HERE. Most of our clients are happy with the S network, but it's very important that you follow the plan rules and use only "in network" providers. 

Step by step instructions to apply for your subsidy and policy.

When you login below, if you ARE eligible for a subsidy, you will need to click "Apply for cost savings and shop"  to apply for the subsidy or tax credit through, then proceed to choosing and buying a policy. Be sure to write down your user name and password when you register. We have a list of all the questions and information you will need to apply for a subsidy - Subsidy Checklist  

 If you do NOT qualify for a subsidy, you can proceed directly to the "Shop without applying for subsidies" section to compare policies and sign up for coverage. If you know what policy you want it will take only a few minutes to sign up for your policy.For step by step instructions Click Here

Please remember that the more expensive plan may not be better. The key to these policies is the "out-of-pocket maximum." If you reach that number, all medical and prescription expenses will be covered 100% for the remainder of the calendar year. Having a plan with doctor and prescription co-pays can be very expensive. If you don't visit the doctor a lot, you might consider a more basic, less expensive policy. 

Ready to sign up for your policy? Click here to proceed 

help health insurance brentwood, franklin tennesseeWe are here to help you with any questions you may have. There will be more options from other carriers, but they are not yet available. 

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