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Employee Benefits and Group Insurance for Tennessee Business Owners

Benefit Brokers is an independent employee benefits brokerage and health insurance consulting firm headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee with client relationships across the state. For more than 25 years we have partnered with small and mid-sized companies, helping manage the cost and implementation of their employee benefit programs. We offer customized employer solutions that focus on maximizing workforce potential by delivering cost-effective benefit plans and related services. A strategic partner with Benefits, Inc. we can offer first class services that rival the national brokerages, but are small enough to have a personal relationship with our clients and their staff. 


News & Information

TN pays for COVID testing

This is something I was not aware of so I wanted to share it with you. Beginning in April the State...

Cost to treat COVID-19

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Telehealth is booming

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BCBST to pay all Corona Virus related bills

Apr 2, 2020 Members will not be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs through May 31, 2020 CHATTANOOGA,...