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Employee Communication

Employee Communications

Employee Benefit Guidebook

This is a customized handbook built for each group for open enrollment and the education of new hires. The guide covers eligibility, credible events, pre-existing conditions and a detailed description of the employee benefits plans. Additionally, there is a summary of benefits, pricing and self-service tools for all group coverages with payroll deductions and an election form with Section 125 language.

Open enrollment employee presentations

The professionals at Benefit Brokers in Nashville, TN will provide one-on-one and group presentations for open enrollment to explain updates of the ACA, benefit changes and enhancements, company contributions and the open enrollment process.

Employee access to our customer service department

In addition to enrollment assistance, Human Resources and employees have access to our customer support department for assistance in billing, enrollment, claims and many other areas. We are here year round for assistance as we consider ourselves part of the HR department.

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