Benefits, Inc Partnership

In October, 2019 Benefit Brokers became a strategic partner with Benefits, Inc. a much larger independent group insurance agency in middle Tennessee. We did this for several reasons, the most important being the ability to offer new services to our clients. The group insurance business has changed since the Affordable Care Act passed, carriers had to reduce their staff to control their administrative costs shifting many of these duties to the brokers and consultants. Large national agencies began buying smaller agencies to centralize much of the service and renewal work and had the financial resources to provide additional services. 

Benefits, Inc. gave us access to their team and the services they built along with a continuation plan should something happen to Mark or myself in the short or long-term. With a staff of nearly 40 employees they have an enrollment team for one on one or telephonic benefit communication and enrollment. A technology department that manages their online platforms and a large customer service department to manage claim and billing issues. In addition, they have attorneys and HR professionals on staff to assist our clients in legal or compliance issues when needed. 

The beauty of our partnership is we have the freedom to continue working with our groups as we have for years and the ability to use the services Benefits, Inc. offers to enhance our client relationships. 

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